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Naples, the city of youth ,waited Parthenope and Cimone; rich but lonely, rich, but deadly, rich but not tingling. Parthenope and Cimone have created immortal Naples.
[Cit. il Ventre di Napoli, Matilde Serao]

To  visit Naples is an unique experience. The narrow streets, the so-called "alleys", dark and crowded, disperse in silence of airy courtyards, churches and monumental buildings of incredible beauty. Galleria Umberto I, Capodimonte and Archaeological Museum, the Certosa di San Martino, Castel Sant ' Elmo, P.zza del Plebiscito, P.zza del Gesù, the church of Santa Chiara, the Cathedral with the Treasure of San Gennaro. And still the Underground Naples, a hidden city, excavated in the Tuff and made up of tunnels, catacombs, tombs, cemeteries. A world which contrasts in every corner with what is going on the surface and yet belongs to him.




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